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Soft magnetic alloy physical properties

Soft magnetic alloy belongs to one of the alloys and has a wide range of applications. It is also easy to magnetize under the action of magnetic field, magnetic alloy with magnetic induction (magnetism) disappears after magnetic field is removed, the magnetic hysteresis loop area is small and narrow, coercivity The force (HC) is generally lower than 10 OE. The main magnetic properties of soft magnetic alloys are:

1. Low coercive force (HC) and hysteresis loss (WH);

2. Higher resistivity (P) and low eddy current loss (WE);

3. The initial magnetic permeability (M0) and the maximum magnetic permeability (MM) are high; some alloys have a constant magnetic permeability (B/H) in the low magnetic field range;

4. Saturation magnetic induction (BS) is high;

5. Some alloy hysteresis loops have a rectangular shape, which is higher than the remanence/maximum magnetic induction (BR/BM).